When Creativity Meets Customization

August 17, 2015

MTI Baths Creates a Unique and Fun Business Solutions Challenge for Local High School Students

When Lanier High School asked MTI Baths to participate in an entrepreneurial program CEO Kathy Adams was excited get to on board! Kathy presented the students with a sustainability challenge: what to do with the leftover tiles of Engineered Solid Stone™, the result of MTI’s Counter-Sink manufacturing process. Eleven groups of students studied the problem and presented the MTI team with their innovative solutions, one of the ideas presented was a reptile bowl. The heavy ESS slabs are ideal for feeding dishes because reptiles tend to step on their food bowl, which can tip and spill their fresh food. Also, the front of the bowl needed to be angled for easy access to the food. Iguanas Jose and Cuervo think these talented students were right on target and this unique “extreme customization” project is a big success.

Read more about MTI’s commitment to their community, being environmentally-friendly and customization at: mtibaths.com/about/news/creativity


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